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A trees life extends beyond its growing…

Using wood as a material extends a tree life in another form. Wood is beautiful. Its versatile, Its unique and from a sustainable point of view, it is carbon locked up as furniture, flooring and building material. It is amazing and a pleasure to work with.

We Mill timber, locally sourced, locally grown and milled in our woodyard in Cowbridge. We have a show area where you can view the boards and dimensioned timber. Every piece is different; unique, just as every tree is different. We try and make the most out of each tree. We don't stock 1000s of feet of uniform building timber, we stock an interesting range of hardwoods and softwoods pleasing to the eye and ready to be transformed. We know how to mill and to get the best out of every stem, every piece. We love what we do.


As well as milling a wide variety of wood for stock, we also mill to order. This could be Larch boards for fencing or for building exterior use. We can either mill at our site or come to you with our portable mills, whichever mill is appropriate for your end result. It can be as simple as a single stem that may just need several cuts to produce a few boards for some garden furniture or to make something out of a stem that has sentimental value. Creating something out of the wood your tree has produced can become a piece of furniture for many generations. Of course, the larger the stem, the more work will be required and the volume of timber will be larger.

Locally sourced

The majority of our wood is either from several woodlands worked locally by us (Coed Hills and Coed Y Tor) as well timber supplied by Penllyn Estate Farm woodlands in Cowbridge. We also endeavour to mill as much wood as we can that is suitable for milling, from our tree contracting work. This brings in a variety of timbers in different shapes and sizes. As we work in a variety of situations such as arboretums, private gardens and parks; the variety of timber is always really interesting. 


One reason we have the wood available today is because either nature has provided through natural seeding or someone planted the tree. in order for planting to happen, trees need to be grown from seed. We work alongside Coed y tor nursery. A nursery dedicated to growing trees collected from the area local to us. A lot of hard work goes into this. 

The nursery is situated within our business premises as we share the same passion. Trees.

Coed Y Tor Nursery can be contacted through their Facebook page. 

live edge timber
live edge timber
live edge timber
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