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Working Together with Unique Timber

Our Stock at The Milled Wood Company changes daily - round wood is constantly converted to slabs / dimensioned timber / turning blocks and blanks. Do have a look at our stock and the shop page but this is a very very small proportion of what we have. We have far too many pieces to list on our page and would far prefer you to come and have a look at what we have. 
There aren't many sawmills that specialise in hardwood as well as softwood.  We're one of the few uniqu
e timber suppliers that do the whole story. We know our stock; where it comes from and when we milled it. We know its provenance and legality. We believe strongly in using local timber and being part of the local supply chain and economy.
Come and see us and we're sure you'll be pleased. 

walnut slab wood


home oak slab wood
Holm Oak
ash slab wood


beech slab wood


elm slab wood


alder slab wood


sycamore slab wood
Yew slab wood


spalted holly slab wood

Spalted Holly

larch slab wood


monkey puzzle slab wood

Monkey Puzzle

spalted beech slab wood

Spalted Beech

Oak slab wood


sequoia slab wood


yew slab wood


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