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Also more commonly known as Sequioadendron giganteum, or giant redwood. Its native name is Wawona, that’s one of several. Be lovely to know it as Wawona but I’d get in trouble with the nomenclaturists. (The wise people that name trees)

It’s an amazing tree and it would be amazing to see it in the groves of California, towering above and reaching for the skies, knowing that many generations before you had seen the same.

It grows well in this country and its wood is great, strong, light, durable. It’s also super carbon catching. It has the ability to absorb huge quantities of carbon and produce wood from it. We catch carbon and bury it under the sea !! We’re obviously not the cleverest on the planet ! (I’ll have to write another blog about that)

Below is another delivery of one that Jonno took the other day.

If you visit Forage farm shop, near cowbridge, you'll see this wood used in the cafe. It's got great colour and quite robust.

If you want to see more of this amazing wood, just call us or call around. You could grab a coffee at Forage too and see the wood in use. As for seeing the amazing trees; one of the best groups of them is at Aberdare ! They have a group of 4 which are a good size and look fantastic. Bute Park is another good location. And of course there's Westonbirt Aboretum in Gloucestershire.

We also have started to grow them here in the Nursery, Coed y Tor nursery, so watch this space.


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